Fresh Harvest Church – Nigeria


Pastor Emeka Ugwuja

Fresh Harvest Church, Enugu state, Nigeria, started with two families that relocated from Lagos in 2015. At first it was only a prayer partnership that met once a week. Until another family joined us in 2016 and the need for more frequent meetings led to Sunday evening fellowship and finally, regular services every Sunday at Pastor Emeka’s living room. The focus was on helping each other in the resettlement process through encouragement in the Word of God.

Since then, God has moved us from that humble beginning to the point where we are right now. From highest Sunday attendance of 5 adult and 6 children back then to 18 adult and 24 children as of Sunday, April 7, 2023, we have reason to glorify God for the increase..
And more than just enlarging our coast numerically, He has also grown us spiritually so that we can bear each other’s burden and remain each other’s magnitude and bond.
Bringing us into a close relationship with Zion Harvest Church was surely a proof that He sets the end of a matter from the beginning. May He who started this good work continue to keep us all in the light of His Word to the glory of His name only in Jesus name. Amen. 
Together for Christ in Nigeria.
Pastor Emeka Ugwuja